Victoria The Little Dog


Victoria The Dog Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge 

For those that didn't know…and those of you that have offered such kind condolences already...💖🐕

I got Victoria The Little Dog on July 7th 2018... She had escaped through the poorly maintained fence of the neighbors across the street, and came running across the street and into the safety of my arms. 

She weighed several pounds more than she should have, and her hair was matted and filthy, and she was in obvious distress from a bladder infection, as well as several other problems which had been caused by the previous neglect... So I took her away from our neighbors, and got her all cleaned up and medicated, and over the next few months, back down to an acceptable weight. 

We had a wonderful 4 years together, with many adventures, and lots of snuggling. We also knew, from the beginning, that she had a lot of medical issues, including a bad heart. And on May 2nd 2022, after 4 wonderful years of having fun, she died. We were at the Veterinarian to get a prescription for some anti-seizure medication, when her heart failed, and that was the end… 

We will so totally miss her! I have posted a few photos of some of the fun time we had together on my web site... The images are (approximately) in Date Order, Oldest to Newest… For all of the photos, if you click the photo, it’ll open a full size version in a new window.

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