Missed Autograph Connections

ROTJ 1983


If you see your name / address  here, then I might have your autograph request, but have not sent it. The first 6 small envelopes shown here were mailed, and returned as undeliverable. Please get in touch with me, by using the Contact Me form on this web site, and tell me where you are, and I’ll send your autograph right away. If you know of any web sites for Autograph Hunters that might benefit from these items, please let me know so I can post there as well. These are all from several years ago, and were not signed because I got into a busy time, and didn’t pay attention to the important things in my life! If you don’t see your name here, and you already have requested an autograph, but not received a reply, please use the Contact Me form to get in touch and we will figure out what went wrong.

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Love & Hugs!

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