Bolinas Tour


Click on the photo for the Bolinas Mesa Tour.  I took some guests on a tour of the Bolinas Mesa, and Downtown. My guests were from “out of town”, so I tried to answer all of their questions about the area, and tried to give them a little bit of Bolinas history.  

Click on the photo for the Bolinas Fairfax Road drive. This was from Bolinas to Fairfax California over what is essentially an old Stagecoach road. Twisty at best, and lots of fun as long as ya’ don’t get a slow tourist ahead of you! 🤣

Click on the photo for the Panoramic Highway drive. This section is from Corte Madera to Bolinas. Panoramic Highway goes over the shoulder of Mount Tamalpias, from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, California. It roughly parallels the Dipsea Race path over the mountain, for much of it’s length… Again, it’s a lovely drive as long as ya’ don’t get a slow driving tourist ahead of you! 🤣 There are no legal passing zones on the road, and the concept of using the provided Slow Vehicles Use Pullouts to allow others to pass, seems to escape the comprehension of most tourists 

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